Why Horses?

Horses are sociable animals with distinct personalities. They are experts at non-verbal communication and help us improve our communication skills by reacting to human responses and body language. Sensitive animals, highly intuitive, they react to the smallest changes and stimuli in their environment.

They are companionable animals with a strong instinct to bond and herd together. Being left out of the herd is a basic survival issue; belonging is essential. As members of the herd they do not blindly follow, they test each other to establish their position within the herd, deferring only to other horses they feel will keep them safe. Horses have flexible hierarchies which adapt to external circumstances. They are acutely attuned to those around them - enabling them to discern between threat and opportunity.


Horses help us connect with our emotional intelligence they give us insight and perception by responding to our innermost emotions. Feelings, breathing, movement and posture give the horse a catalogue of information.

Today, our current conditioning often makes us ignore or question our innate instincts. In this time of complexity and rapid change it is essential to balance the vast technological resources and multitude of information that is readily available. Balance it against instinct, self awareness, and intuition – our emotional intelligence.

Horses have the ability to provide us with a true reflection of how we are perceived by those around us, a reflection that enables us to take an honest look at who we are and how we relate to and impact upon others. From this position, we can focus on our behaviours and attitudes that hinder us from progressing in both our personal and professional lives.

Horses have survived for thousands of years due to their ability to get along with and depend upon one another.